The Exhibition

BODY WARS is a contemporary art exhibition that will deal with the raw subject of anorexia and obesity. The exhibition will suggest that the media’s enormous influence, as well as that from the fashion, health, beauty and cosmetic industries, may be having devastating effects on men, women and children. Using different art mediums such as paint, drawing, sculpture, photography and film sourced from international artists, the viewer will be challenged in an educational and visual way to address the issues and to question whether these industries are major factors in contributing to the paranoia and neurosis of those suffering these diseases.

The visitor will be taken on a thematic journey that will raise uncomfortable truths about these parallel words and the subsequent path of eating disorders. Obesity and Anorexia are intrinsically linked with compulsive obsessions about food and body. Both can corrupt and destroy minds and bodies. BODY WARS suggests that we are given our bodies at birth and spend our life dealing with the consequences. Our ‘ideal’ body is constantly demeaning our 'actual' body.

Due to the immense topical value of the exhibition, valuable partners are keen to support and establish their presence and association. All the key charities working in the eating disorder, anorexic and obesity sector are all on board as partners, as well as MP Jo Swinson's Body Confidence Campaign being a strong supporter.

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